Saint Martin, Port Marigot, Sint Maarten, Island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

Saint Martin, a captivating Caribbean island, beckons with a multitude of attractions that cater to a diverse range of interests. From the unique experience of sunbathing on Maho Beach while massive jets land mere metres away to the powdery white sands and vibrant ambience of Orient Bay Beach, the island’s beaches are a paradise for relaxation and water sports enthusiasts. History comes alive at Fort Louis, perched on a hill in Marigot, offering panoramic views and insights into Saint Martin’s colonial past. For culinary aficionados, Grand Case, known as the “Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean,” boasts a cornucopia of gourmet delights. Nature lovers can escape to Loterie Farm’s lush mountains, offering hiking, zip-lining, and serene poolside relaxation, while Pinel Island beckons as a secluded paradise for a day trip. Educational experiences abound at the Butterfly Farm, and adventurous spirits can explore the rainforest’s eco-tours. Underwater wonders await scuba divers and snorkelers in crystal-clear waters teeming with vibrant marine life. As the sun sets, the island comes alive with vibrant nightlife, particularly in Maho and Simpson Bay.

What makes this island particularly fascinating is its division between two nations: the northern half belongs to France (Saint-Martin), while the southern half is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Sint Maarten). This split, which is the result of a historic treaty dating back to 1648, creates a captivating blend of European and Caribbean influences. Travelling between these two distinct sides is a seamless experience, and it allows visitors to savour the best of both worlds. Whether you’re enjoying the French elegance and cuisine on one side or the Dutch charm and vibrant nightlife on the other, Saint Martin’s dual personality adds an extra layer of allure to its already enchanting appeal.

The island is known for its vibrant calendar of events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating its rich cultural heritage and lively atmosphere. Highlights include the St. Martin Carnival, a colourful extravaganza of parades and music typically held in January or February and the internationally renowned Heineken Regatta in late February and early March, combining thrilling sailing races with lively parties.

Saint Martin’s Day on November 11th commemorates its Dutch and French heritage with cultural displays and traditional food. The island also hosts a variety of music festivals, food festivals showcasing its diverse cuisine, art exhibitions, sports events, and cultural celebrations that showcase the island’s vibrant culture and community spirit. For the most up-to-date information on these events, it’s advisable to consult local sources and official event websites.

Saint Martin offers a selection of world-class marinas that cater to superyachts, making it an enticing destination for luxury yacht enthusiasts. The island’s marinas boast state-of-the-art facilities, impeccable service and strategic locations that provide easy access to the Caribbean’s most coveted cruising grounds. The popular Simpson Bay Marina, located on the Dutch side in Sint Maarten, is one of the largest in the Caribbean, accommodating superyachts of various sizes with deep berths and top-notch amenities. On the French side in St Martin, Port de Marigot offers an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere, providing a taste of French flair amidst Caribbean waters.

Saint Martin’s collection of marinas includes some renowned destinations for yacht enthusiasts. Sky Port Marina, situated on the Dutch side, is well-regarded for its modern infrastructure and ease of access to the island’s attractions. Palapa Marina, another Dutch side gem, offers a serene and exclusive setting for superyachts, with impeccable services and breathtaking views. Isle de Sol, on the southwest tip of the Dutch side, is known for its luxurious facilities and stunning vistas. Port de Plaisance, on the French side, boasts an elegant ambience, providing a touch of French sophistication amidst the Caribbean charm. Doc Martin Marina, tucked away in Marigot on the French side, offers a tranquil and picturesque haven for yacht owners. Lastly, Port Louis Marina, with its prime location in Marigot, offers a seamless blend of modern amenities and proximity to the island’s historical sites. These marinas collectively make Saint Martin a premier destination for superyacht owners, ensuring a luxurious and memorable experience on this captivating Caribbean island.

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Saint Martin, Sint Maarten

Our team of expert superyacht carpet cleaners has acquired invaluable expertise through years of servicing both private and commercial superyachts at major ports.

This extensive experience has provided us with a profound understanding of the typical carpet stains and issues that tend to arise during yacht charter seasons. You can rely on our specialised team to effectively eliminate persistent stains such as red wine, food spills, coffee marks, and cosmetic residue.

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Spot Cleaning La Ciotat for Superyachts

Ensure your superyacht’s carpets, rugs, upholstery, and soft furnishings remain in impeccable condition with our expert stain removal and spot cleaning service. Ideal for both private and commercial superyachts in Saint Martin.

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Superyacht Mattress Cleaning in La Ciotat

You can rely on our team of expert technicians who specialise in spot-cleaning, ensuring the successful treatment of even the most stubborn stains on your superyacht’s mattresses.

Routine cleaning and maintenance are of utmost importance for commercial superyacht mattresses, offering assurance and preserving their quality to extend their lifespan.

Typically, charter guests spend approximately 8 hours a day on these mattresses, leading to the accumulation of dust mites, dead skin, and debris. This not only creates an uncomfortable environment but also diminishes the appearance of the mattresses, making them seem dirty and lacklustre. Our safe and hygienic mattress cleaning process effectively penetrates deep into the mattress fibres, reducing the presence of dust and allergens. Be confident that our services will provide your guests with clean and fresh mattresses, ensuring a restful and peaceful night’s sleep.

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Carpet Cleaning La Ciotat for yachts
Our innovative PureSpace© treatment is highly effective in eliminating all known viruses, including Covid-19.

Discover the effectiveness of PureSpace treatment, which utilizes a dry mist diffusion technique to cleanse, purify, and sanitize the environment on your luxurious superyacht. With particles smaller than 5 microns, our treatment effortlessly penetrates even the most hard-to-reach nooks and surfaces, all while being gentle on electronics and furnishings, leaving no residues in its wake.

Our adaptable service is tailored to meet the needs of individual superyacht cabins. This allows you to carry out treatments between charter guests, for the entire vessel before and after the season, or a combination of both. Furthermore, we provide machine rental options, affording you the convenience of scheduling the PureSpace treatment at your preferred time.


We offer machinery supply tailored to your yacht’s specific cruising needs, allowing for periodic maintenance of your yacht’s carpets no matter where you are. Inquire about our machine leasing options, providing you with the convenience of calling upon Inter-Nett, the professionals in yacht carpet cleaning, no matter your location in the world.

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If you find yourself in Saint Martin or Sint Maarten and require information about the superyacht cleaning services provided by Inter-Nett, please feel free to get in touch with us without delay. Our skilled team members will gladly furnish you with any necessary information.

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