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Yacht Carpet Cleaning Services

We work all over the world and regularly travel to clean and protect fabrics on-board superyachts. We are also able to work at anchor and whilst you are in the yard.

Clean, Refresh & Protect

At Inter-Nett Monaco, we provide first-class yacht upholstery, carpet and rug cleaning services. We aim to protect the fabrics onboard your vessel and leave the upholstery looking brand new!

Yacht carpets have to look their best at all times. Carpet stains, if left untreated, can become unsightly and destroy the image of perfection a luxury yacht should have. To keep your carpets in that ‘as new condition’ contact Inter-Nett to clean, refresh and protect them.

Our professional team have years of experience in the sector and we pride ourselves on delivering fantastic results. Carpets & rugs can harbor bacteria, dirt and grime that is not necessarily visible to the human eye, most are trapped deep within the fibers of the carpet. We have specialist equipment that is far superior to any domestic cleaning equipment. This combined with our expert knowledge allows us to remove even the toughest yacht upholstery & carpet stains, leaving our clients with the best results. 

We work all over the world and regularly travel to clean and protect fabrics on board superyachts. Whether you are in Monaco, The Caribbean or The Seychelles we can get our services to you. We are also able to work at anchor, meaning work can be carried out while your vessel is in the yard.

We are often asked for recommendations for carpet suppliers and fitters which is something we are happy to discuss with you. Please contact us for advice and more information if you are thinking of replacing your carpets.

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For more about costs and guarantee or to have a demo, contact us direct on 06 8086 8087.

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