Yacht Decontamination & Sanitisation Services

The latest technological advances in medical hygiene brought to the yachting industry to complement Inter-Nett’s already high standard in cleanliness.

Advanced Technology, Non-Allergenic & Effective

Our PureSpace© treatment is effective in killing all known viruses including Covid-19.

PureSpace works by nebulising a dry mist into the atmosphere which disinfects/purifies and sanitises. The particle s are so small (less than 5 microns) and get into every area and surface whilst at the same time being safe to electronics and furnishings with no trace or mess.

Its effective against organic smells because it kills the bacteria which causes the odor.  We also offer a perfumed version which still kills bacteria but also leaves a pleasant perfume.

The service is proposed on either individual cabins – so you can do in between charter guests – or as a whole vessel treatment before and after the season – or a combination of both. We can also lease the machine  which means you can carry out treatment whenever you want or where ever you are.

The operation is fast with minimal disruption and NO clear up afterwards as there is No residue either visible or invisibl  which is important in food preparation areas such as galleys.

The system is already used in operating theatres in hospitals in over 50 Countries world wide.

Please note this is NOT an Ozone Generator type treatment, which have been shown to be infective (and dangerous) according to this quote from the US Environmental Protection Agency  “If used at concentration  that do not exceed Public health standards, Ozone applied to indoor air does not effectively remove viruses, bacteria/mold or other Biological Pollutants” Source:epa.gov

If you would like to further discuss our PureSpace© treatment or would like to arrange a demonstration please do not hesitate to contact us.