Fabric Cleaning and Protection

When it comes to looking after your yacht’s carpet cleaning and fabric protection on-board you can rely on Inter-Nett. We clean, refresh and protect your furnishings with the care and expertise you would expect from a professional cleaning company. We have over 30 years experience in cleaning fabrics on-board both in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean so we understand exactly what is required to maintain and protect your yacht’s interiors.

Whether in Monaco, Antibes, Genoa, Barcelona or St Martin, if it’s carpets, curtains, mattresses or upholstery, we have the skills and experience to clean and maintain that just new look.

To keep your fine furnishings in tip-top condition or for friendly, expert advice on how best to look after your carpets, curtains and upholstery contact us on +33 6 8086 8087

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The latest technological advances in medical hygiene brought to the yachting industry to complement Inter-Nett’s already high standard in cleanliness. The interior spaces of yachts are ideal areas for an epidemic and the transmission of pathogens could turn a cruise into a catastrophe with potentially harmful results.

PureSpace offers:

  • An advanced disinfection to a high medical standard.
  • Non-allergenic, odourless and poses no risk to humans or the environment.
  • Effective as a Bactericide, Virucide, Fungicide and Sporicide.
  • Gives an even disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic devices, without corroding or oxidizing.
  • Absolutely dry mist with no humidity or residue.
  • Regular preventive application of spaces where there is a high-level risk of contamination.
  • Remedial function in case of acknowledged contagion.
  • Sanitises the air and anything else in the environment, not only flat surfaces but also carpets, sofas and beds.
  • A unique way to differentiate your yacht from the competition.
  • Improves the quality of your guests’ stay.

Please note this is NOT an Ozone Generator type treatment, which have been shown to be ineffective according to this quote from the US Environmental Protection Agency  ” If used at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone applied to indoor air does not effectively remove viruses, bacteria, mold, or other biological pollutants. ” Source: epa.gov

For more information or to arrange a demo call Paul on +33 6 8086 8087

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We use a cleaning process which is safe, hygienic and can refresh, deodorise and sanitise your mattresses.

Dust-mites are microscopic parasites which feed on dead skin cells and other debris. Their excrement can lead to real health issues and even breathing related problems.

Bedbugs are becoming a real modern day nightmare and initial infestations tend to be around beds, but the bugs can also spread to adjacent rooms. They prefer fabric, wood or paper surfaces and can be found in seams and folds of mattresses, later spreading to crevices in the bedstead.

Email or call Paul now to book your mattress clean on +33 6 8086 8087

Monaco – France – Italy – Spain – Caribbean

clean, deodorise sanitise mattresses

Fire Retardant

The fire retardant we apply to protect your yacht is “Emalfon i” from Flame Screen Ltd. It is Approved for Large Yachts in accordance with MCA Marine Guidance Note MGN 580 (M) by BTTG Notified Body No: 0338 Testing & Certification Ltd Certificate No:  E-007272. “Emalfon i” has undergone rigorous testing in MCA nominated approved IMO Flame Test laboratories and passed the most stringent relevant IMO FTP code tests and is, of course, code compliant and accepted by all Major Flags.

Due to the complexities involved, flame-proofing aboard should only be carried out by experienced Licensed Professional Applicators. After application Inter-Nett working as a Licensed Agent will supply full certification from Flame Screen Ltd on the required MCA MGN 580 (M) standards as proof of treatment, conformity and validity.

Your yacht, guests and crew could be at risk if you haven’t taken the correct precautions. As a cleaning company we have seen many examples of badly applied flame proofing, resulting in staining and marking of fabrics which often does not manifest itself for months or even years later.

If you are unsure of what the regulations and requirements involve, or would like any further information regarding this treatment, email or please feel free to call Paul on +33 6 8086 8087

Monaco – France – Italy – Spain – Caribbean

Fire Retardant Yacht Fire in yard


Just because your yacht is in the Caribbean doesn’t mean we can’t arrange to look after your cleaning requirements wherever you are. We have premises in Monaco, France, Barcelona and Sint Maarten and regularly travel throughout the Mediterranean and Europe to attend to a job. For our Sint Maarten office please call +1 721 580 5642 or use the contact form.

Inter-Nett are often asked if we will travel to clean worldwide – and the answer is yes we do. As our name suggests, we are an International company and have cleaned in Australia, The Seychelles, Tahiti as well as Venice, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro and London.

If you would like to know if we can help you with your worldwide cleaning requirements just email or call 
+33 6 8086 8087 with details and we will arrange everything else.

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