The sun going down over the Ligurian Sea on Genoa's coast,

Genoa was once the maritime capital of the world and is one of the most sought-after yacht destinations. The city is a beacon of Italian culture and docking in this historic location allows you to immerse yourself in the enchanting story of Genoa’s past. Home to picturesque beaches and a stunning coastline, Genoa is an ideal location for anyone travelling by superyacht.

Porto Antico is Genoa’s central marina, was the first and the most renowned port in Italy, originating in the 11th century. It plays a pivotal role in the city’s maritime past and has berths for yachts and vessels of different shapes and sizes. Along the waterfront promenade lies the Acquario di Genova, one of Europe’s largest aquariums where you can observe all kinds of marine life and discover more about all creatures from around the world’s many oceans. Alternatively, you can go to the maritime museum, Galata Museo del Mare, and take a deep dive into the legacy of the Genoese Republic. Learn about the early modern maritime nation Genoa used to be. Aside from indulging in Genoa’s rich history, you can visit the luxurious boutiques that fill the streets or sample many of Italy’s gastronomic delights.

Porto Antico is not Genoa’s only marina available to yachts. Located around one mile from Genoa Cristoforo Colombo Airport, the Marina Genova Aeroporto offers luxury facilities, excellent service and stunning seaside views. This marina is an ideal spot for short-term and long-term visitors. There is also the Marina di Sestri Ponente, only two miles from the airport, which is known for its modern infrastructure and provides easy access to local attractions.

A panoramic view of yacht port Porto Antico, Genoa, Italy

Genoa is also a prime destination for yachts to use as a base whilst they visit other desirable locations along the Italian Riviera. Portofino is only a short sail away and is renowned for colourful buildings and luxurious boutiques along the waterfront. Other popular places to put on your sail list should include Santa Margherita Ligure, a quiet and relaxing town with seaside resorts and luscious gardens, and Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage site made up of five villages built into rugged cliffs. 

One of the most popular sail routes for yachts is the 5-8 hour journey to San Remo, which is dependent on conditions and the specific vessel. You can enjoy the incredible Italian coastline and dock in Portosole, one of the largest marinas in the Mediterranean. An ideal location for a luxury charter, San Remo is known as the ‘City of Flowers’ for its beautiful flower markets and luscious gardens. With casinos, high-end boutiques, and the San Remo Music Festival, this city attracts celebrities and visitors from around the world. 

You can also travel from Genoa to farther locations such as Corsica, which is around 126 miles and can take between 12 and 24 hours, or Sardinia, a longer journey which can be between 24 and 36 hours travelling about 241 miles. Both are desirable yacht destinations with unique cultural experiences and breathtaking views highlighting the true natural beauty of the Mediterranean.

When staying in Genoa, you can take a tour through the old town centre and visit the Musei Di Strada Nova to indulge in the city’s long history and learn about fascinating art from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Musei Di Strada Nova comprises three museums and over seventy-five rooms in a single complex. If you decide to visit Genoa in May you can take part in one of Italy’s most exciting events; forty-two of the one hundred and sixty-three Palazzi dei Rolli open their doors to the public for free. Inside, you will be taken on an artistic journey through the sixteenth century as you lose yourself in pieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

The 5-star Grand Hotel Savoia is the perfect place to stay during your visit as it has luxurious rooms and suites that offer incredible views of the Ligurian Sea. Its in-house restaurant provides the finest Italian cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients and after a meal guests can relax in the indoor spa or swimming pool. If you are looking for a restaurant where you can truly experience local delicacies, head to Antica Osteria di Vico Palla, a trattoria that serves traditional dishes of the region. For lovers of fresh seafood, you can try a Michelin-starred experience at Il Marin; enjoy the catch of the day by the waterfront. 

Genoa offers a vibrant nightlife where you can enjoy partying the night away. Mako Discotheque is a three-in-one venue with a restaurant, a cocktail bar for those who prefer premium, handcrafted beverages, and a nightclub where locals show off their best dance moves till the sun rises. Situated near Piazza De Ferrari, Mako Discotheque is known for an unforgettable experience for both residents and visitors to Genoa. 

Above all, Genoa is a popular destination for anyone who loves all things nautical. With multiple marinas, Genoa provides everything a superyacht will need. The most prominent shipyards are Amico & Co, Tankoa Yachts, Sangiorgio Marine Shipyard and Cantieri Navali di Sestri. You can visit and fulfil all your yacht refit and repairs. After all the work has been done on board your vessel, Inter-Nett is the perfect company to contact to ensure that all your yacht carpet cleaning needs are met.

Acquario di Genova, Porto Antico, Genoa

 Our Inter-Nett team tackle all of a yacht’s carpet cleaning needs using our wealth of experience, catering to the specific requirements of luxury superyachts.

We have travelled around the world and revitalised the carpets aboard some of the planet’s finest yachts. If Genoa is on your yacht’s destination list, we suggest you take advantage of our globally recognised carpet and upholstery cleaning experts. Get your yacht’s carpets deep-cleaned to ensure a pristine condition for your next charter. 

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Upholstery Cleaning, Barcelona

We tailor our services to ensure that we meet the needs of private and commercial luxury yachts around the world. We keep your superyacht’s carpets, rugs, upholstery, and soft furnishings in impeccable condition by using our specialised stain removal and sports cleaning service. We guarantee that if you use us, your yacht will be flawless and ready to charter as soon as possible. 

We understand that you may worry about possible irreversible damage caused when cleaning valuable upholstery. At Inter-Nett, we approach each task with care and confidentiality. We ensure the safe and effective removal of all spots and stains, protecting your yacht’s interior.

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Barcelona, Mattress Cleaning

Whilst visiting Genoa, our team of skilled technicians will safely and hygienically address any and all marks on your superyacht’s mattresses, specialising in targeting and removing stains. 

Inter-Nett is fully equipped to clean up every spillage and stain no matter the cause. Whether it’s a spilt glass of wine, a coffee stain or even marks left behind by cosmetic products and makeup, we will deliver exceptional results.

We have honed our skills by working in all major ports around the world, including Genoa. We understand the typical cleaning challenges that can affect your yacht’s interior. You can trust us to effectively eliminate tough stains ensuring your yacht is spotless for its next journey.

With more than thirty years of industry experience, we deliver outstanding service using state-of-the-art carpet cleaning equipment. We’ve provided services to various high-end private superyachts around the world, and remain committed to confidentiality, maintaining discretion with every service.

As charter guests typically spend around eight hours on their mattresses, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial for commercial superyacht mattresses. Dust mites, dead skin, and debris will build up creating an unpleasant environment and beds looking dirty and dull. Our mattress cleaning service resolves these issues by penetrating deep into the fibres of the mattress extending its lifespan and ensuring a significant reduction in signs of dust and allergens. Our cleaning process offers charter guests fresh and clean mattresses guaranteeing a comfortable night’s sleep aboard your vessel.

If you have any queries about mattress cleaning services for your superyacht in Genoa, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Port Vell, Marina in Sunset
Our innovative PureSpace© treatment is highly effective in eliminating all known viruses, including Covid-19.

The PureSpace treatment thoroughly disinfects, purifies, and sanitises the atmosphere through a dry mist diffusion method. By releasing microscopic particles smaller than five microns, PureSpace effortlessly seeps into all the harder-to-reach nooks and crannies of your superyacht, ensuring that electronics and furnishings are kept safe and no residual trace can be found.

We provide machine rental options that allow you to book your treatment at a time that suits you. We work around the schedules of each individual yacht to make the experience as convenient as possible by conducting treatments in between charters, both before and after the season.


We will personalise machinery supplies so all your yacht’s sailing needs are met, ensuring that your superyacht carpets are easily maintained. Inter-Nett is the trusted expert in carpet cleaning and with our machine leasing options, every superyacht can depend on us for excellent service regardless of where you are in the world.

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Superyacht fire safety and regulatory compliance are paramount and we ensure heightened flame retardancy for peace of mind.

We hold MCA MGN 580 (M) and Red Ensign Group (RED) Code certifications (Certification No: E-007272) and exclusively use IMO FTP Code 2010-compliant liquid flame retardants. With expertise in superyacht flame retardancy, we’ve treated nearly 900 vessels. Inter-Nett, a Flame Screen Licensed Applicator, brings specialised fabric expertise and a professional approach.