With the annual Film Festival de Cannes fast approaching, the world will soon descend upon the French Riviera’s most famous cities renowned for their luxury and opulence. The festival pulls around 80,000 attendees and 4,000 journalists on average, becoming one of the most unmissable events in the film industry.

We expect yacht charters to play a huge part for those attending the festival and therefore we’re on hand for all your yacht carpet cleaning needs. Superyachts are a great venue choice for corporate events and functions in the run-up to and during the festival, so you will want your vessel to look the best it can for your all-important guests and patrons.

However, the Cannes International Film Festival isn’t the only event of note happening in Cannes. Every year we clean yacht carpets for a multitude of conferences and congresses such as MAIPC (The International Market for Retail Real Estate), ILTM (The International Luxury Travel Market), MIPIM (The World’s Property Market) and MIPCOM (The World’s Audiovisual Content Market) to name a few. These events draw in a massive amount of people wanting to do business and network; where better to do this than on an impressive and luxurious superyacht?

While you are here, immerse yourself in the captivating natural and cultural heritage of this charming former fishing village. Explore the renowned La Croisette; this iconic promenade, adorned with palm trees, lavish buildings, exquisite shops, and beautiful beaches, offers a delightful stroll. Continue your exploration by visiting the enchanting Allées de la Liberté, known for its vibrant flower market, which adds a unique charm to the surroundings.

A visit to Cannes would be incomplete without experiencing the Suquet, the city’s oldest district. From its picturesque vantage point, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view that serves as a reminder of Cannes’ profound connection to the world of cinema since 1946. But the historic wonders of Cannes don’t end there – extend your itinerary to include the Lérins Islands or the captivating old port, where more fascinating sites await your exploration.

Unlike many local yacht cleaning companies, we’re not a “jack of all trades”- instead, we specialise in the cleaning and refurbishment of superyacht carpets and soft furnishings. Our technicians must obtain a high level of skill and industry knowledge, as well as be able to operate our heavy machinery, to always ensure pristine results for our clients.

Working with private and commercial superyachts in many other major ports has allowed us to easily identify some of the most common carpet stains and problems that you’re likely to encounter during the yacht charter season. Our specialist superyacht carpet cleaning team are experts in removing stubborn red wine, food, coffee, and cosmetics stains. 

At Inter-Nett, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service, using the latest and most powerful yacht carpet cleaning machines available. We’ve been cleaning the globe’s largest and most exclusive private superyachts and villas for over 30 years. We assure you that discretion is always at the forefront of our services. 

As an international carpet cleaning company, we have cleaned some of the most beautiful yacht carpets the world over. So, if you are planning on making Cannes a port of call for your yacht charter, you may want to treat your superyacht carpets to the benefits of a deep clean from our professional yacht carpet and upholstery cleaning team.

Cannes Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning in Cannes, Mattress Cleaning in Cannes

Keep your superyacht carpets, rugs, upholstery, and soft furnishings in pristine condition with our professional stain removal and spot cleaning service; perfect for private or commercial superyachts in Cannes.
We understand that the idea of cleaning expensive upholstery can be a little daunting. While the aim is to make your furniture and cushions look brand new, there’s always a fear of causing permanent damage. We understand that every situation is unique and we treat each job with care, courtesy, and complete discretion. Our experienced and dedicated spot cleaning teams always carry out an excellent job to keep your superyacht on charter for that all-important seamless service.

yacht mattress cleaning in cannes

All our technicians are also spot-cleaning experts, meaning that even the most difficult stains on your mattress can be treated. The mattresses onboard a commercial superyacht require regular cleaning and maintenance, not only for your peace of mind but also to maintain quality and extend their lifespan.

The average charter guest spends about 8 hours a day on his or her mattress. Mattresses can harbor dust mites, dead skin, and other debris which is not only unpleasant but can also impact the colour of your fresh mattresses, making them look dirty and dull. We use a mattress cleaning process that is always safe and hygienic. Our high-powered machines target deep into the fibres of the mattress, reducing the risk of dust and allergens. Your guests can sleep easy knowing their mattress is clean and fresh again.

Inter-Nett Carpet Cleaning in Cannes, Port Canto, Marina Cannes
Our PureSpace© treatment is effective in killing all known viruses including Covid-19.

PureSpace works by nebulising a dry mist into the atmosphere on your yacht which disinfects/purifies and sanitises. The particles are so small (less than 5 microns) and get into every area and surface, whilst at the same time being safe to electronics and furnishings, with no trace or mess. 

This service is proposed on either individual superyacht cabins – allowing you to carry it out in between charter guests – or as a whole vessel treatment before and after the season – or a combination of both. 


Additionally, we can supply the machinery to cater to each individual yachts cruising requirements, ensuring your yacht’s carpets can be maintained periodically wherever you are. Please enquire about the availability to lease a machine, giving you the ability to call in Inter-Nett the yacht carpet cleaning professionals, wherever you are in the world.


To find out if we can assist with your international cleaning needs, just email or call +33 6 8086 8087 with details and we will arrange everything else. Alternatively, we also provide the option to rent out the machine, enabling you to carry out the treatment at your convenience.

Contact Us for Flame Retardancy Treatments for your yacht interiors and Soft Furnishings.

Superyacht fire safety and regulatory compliance are paramount and we ensure heightened flame retardancy for peace of mind.

We hold MCA MGN 580 (M) and Red Ensign Group (RED) Code certifications (Certification No: E-007272) and exclusively use IMO FTP Code 2010-compliant liquid flame retardants. With expertise in superyacht flame retardancy, we’ve treated nearly 900 vessels. Inter-Nett, a Flame Screen Licensed Applicator, brings specialised fabric expertise and a professional approach.