5 Signs Your Yacht Carpet Need Cleaning

While a yacht’s carpet may appear to be clean and in a good condition, the reality is often quite different. Carpets and rugs harbour bacteria, as dirt and grime get trapped deep in their fibres – and this isn’t always visible to the naked eye. As a yacht carpet cleaning service, it’s not uncommon to have clients who consider their carpet to be in fair condition, only to be stunned by the results of our efforts. 

Despite the fact that most yacht owners and crew are confident in their ability to tackle cleaning the carpet themselves, very few actually achieve high-quality results. Performing this task properly can be time-consuming as every inch must be sprayed, scrubbed, rinsed and dried. Professional-level equipment also plays a significant part in improving the quality of the cleaning process and provides results far superior to their domestic counterparts. Even though vacuuming is the most common approach to carpet cleaning, standard store-bought vacuum cleaners can’t compete with industrial equipment in terms of results. 

A professional carpet cleaning service may be perceived by some as an overindulgent and lazy option, however, this could not be further from the truth. In order to keep your yacht carpet in good condition and prolong its life, hiring a professional team twice a year is recommended. This is even more important if you suffer from allergies that are triggered by dust and pets.

This article outlines five signs that your carpet may require cleaning and why now may be the right time for you to consider enlisting the services of a professional team. 

The yacht carpet has visible stains

This is probably the most obvious sign the carpet on your yacht needs cleaning. Stains can be created by a whole host of daytime activities, from spillages to a build-up of dirt tracked in from on deck. While there are many different scenarios that can cause a stain, the fact remains that they can be difficult to remove. In the case of long-term marks, a professional cleaning service with the equipment and knowledge may be the only option to tackle them. 

In addition to being an evident indication that your yacht carpet needs cleaning, stains are also unsightly and negatively impact the overall aesthetic of the vessel. Guests can easily notice such imperfections when aboard the yacht with you. 

If you have attempted to remove carpet stains and have found them too stubborn to be lifted, don’t give up hope. At Inter-Nett Monaco we have the right tools, equipment and products to remove whatever stains are embedded on your carpet.

Unclean yacht carpets impact allergies

An increase in allergy symptoms might not be something many people associate with the cleanliness of carpets, however, there are links between the two. Yacht carpets infested with dust mites, pet dander, and other types of allergens can trigger the condition of individuals suffering from various forms of allergies such as asthma, eczema and rhinitis.

IIf you seem to be struggling more when you are near your carpet, it could be a sign that it needs a professional clean. Dust can contribute to a variety of respiratory issues so if you find yourself sneezing or sniffling constantly, there could be a fair amount of dust build-up in your yacht carpets. They can become a breeding ground for allergens if not cleaned regularly and thoroughly. That’s why Inter-Nett Monaco uses leading industry equipment to ensure the best possible results.

Your yacht carpet is starting to smell 

Continuous foot traffic from on deck, pets, children and spillages can all contribute to a yacht carpet emitting unpleasant odour if not maintained properly. Wet dogs can be a key contributor when it comes to a smelly carpet, especially if they decide to use it as a towel. Cooking odours, as well as spillages, can also seep into the fibres. 

While there are countless different reasons why your carpet will begin to smell, it’s a clear sign that a professional yacht carpet-cleaning service is required. 

A smelly yacht carpet is not only unsanitary; it can also degrade the area into a potential health hazard. As mentioned above, carpets accumulate allergens, bacteria, dirt and dander over time, and this can eventually lead to an odour problem. A smell won’t necessarily appear straight away; it will usually build up over time, which is why it’s important to maintain a regular cleaning routine. 

If you are at a point when a manageable smell becomes unmanageable, then the services we provided at Inter-Nett Monaco may be your best solution. Contact us today and book a yacht carpet deep clean.

Is your yacht carpet looking worn down?

Due to the amount of wear and tear your carpet has to withstand, over time your once plush, fluffy, pristine carpet may begin to look worn out. It may even look as though there is a loss of colour. While a professional carpet cleaning service will not be able to replace torn or frayed carpeting, it’s possible to remove the elements and particles that are causing your carpet to fade. A freshly cleaned yacht carpet can brighten up the vessel’s interior, making it look clean, fresh and as inviting as when they were first installed.

Yacht carpets are heavily walked on and this results in the fibres weakening over time. Regular carpet cleaning is an excellent way to prolong its life. If your carpet is starting to look flat and deformed then it’s time to take action and call in a professional yacht carpet-cleaning team. At Inter-Nett Monaco we take great pride in restoring yacht carpets back to life.

Dark spots, mould and mildew on yacht carpets 

The appearance of dark spots, mould or mildew is another indication that your carpet needs to be cleaned. If your carpet has been damaged by water, it may attract dust and mould. This is arguably the most unsightly sign that your carpet needs cleaning, and if you decide to ignore it, it may deteriorate into an issue even a professional carpet cleaning firm can’t rectify.

Leaving yacht carpets to become mouldy can have a negative impact on people’s health.  

Inhaling mould spores can cause the nasal passages to swell up, which causes difficulty breathing or excessive coughing and sneezing. As discussed previously, dirty carpets can affect air quality, and prolonged inhalation can potentially trigger asthma attacks. Mould forming on yacht carpets can cause a wide range of health problems, including athletes foot and skin irritation.

If any of the above accurately describe your yacht’s carpets, then it could be time to get in touch with a professional cleaning company. There are so many reasons why you should invest in a professional deep clean for your yacht, from preventing health issues to improving the overall appearance of your vessel’s interior. If you leave these issues to escalate, you will ultimately be forced to replace the carpet later on down the line. 

Contact Inter-Nett today for more information on improving the quality of your carpet. Call us on +377 93 50 58 16 or email info@internettmonaco.com.