Maintaining a private or commercial superyacht is a crucial element of yacht ownership and management. In fact, that gorgeous yacht docked at the marina represents a substantial investment and, just like any other asset, it must be protected and maintained to ensure a reliable operation and to preserve its value.

For most yachts 40 feet and larger, the yacht will sit in the water full time. Therefore, regular care and ongoing maintenance are vital to protect the vessel from oil, grime and saltwater damage – Some owners may have their yacht cleaned every month, but for those wanting their vessel to always be in excellent condition, every two weeks is considered much better.

Similarly, the mattresses onboard a commercial superyacht require regular cleaning and upkeep, not only for your own peace of mind but also to preserve the quality of your mattresses and extend their lifespan.

The average charter guest spends about 8 hours a day on his or her mattress, or 2920 hours per year. Mattresses harbor dust mites, dead skin and other debris which is not only unpleasant but can also impact the colour of your fresh mattresses, making them look dirty and dull.

Furthermore, the dirt in your mattress can cause your charter guests’ allergies to act up. So, it’s utterly important to keep your yacht mattresses as hygienic as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this useful article on deep cleaning your yacht mattresses.

yacht mattress cleaning

Using A Mattress Vacuum Cleaner

To remove any dust on the surface of a mattress, we recommend the use of an industrial vacuum system that comes equipped with several different upholstery attachments to help access those hard to reach areas.

This can include specific crevice attachments for cleaning out seams as well as dust brush tools, which are especially effective at picking up dust particles without scratching any surfaces.

Why can’t I use a household vacuum cleaner?

A standard vacuum cleaner will certainly remove some of the dirt and debris from your mattress. However, the industrial equipment we use provides suction over larger distances with larger capacities, cleaning up in minutes what can take days to do manually.

Furthermore, thanks to our fully enclosed systems and highly advanced filters, harmful dust particles are safely contained, minimising the risk of exposure to your yacht crew.

yacht mattress cleaning

Steam Clean Mattress To Sanitise & Kill Bacteria

Steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly way to rid your yacht mattresses of dust mites, dirt, dead skin cells and other harmful bacteria. The high-temperature steam helps your guests get a better night’s sleep by removing any allergens while simultaneously sanitising and deodorising the mattress.

Furthermore, it has been shown that removing dust mites from mattresses considerably helps to reduce the prevalence of eczema. However, we do not recommend attempting this process without the support of a professional mattress cleaning company.

This is because improper or over-steaming can cause lasting damage to the mattress foam and springs and not all fabrics are compatible with steam cleaning, so you should always check the manufacturer’s label before continuing. 

It’s also vital that the steam gets heated to 100 to 110 degrees Celsius since high temperatures are more effective at killing bacteria.

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yacht mattress cleaning

Removing Stains From Your Mattresses

There are several different reasons why stains might appear on your yacht mattresses, from charter guests’ pets sleeping in the bed to spilling a glass of red wine while relaxing.

Often these stains on a mattress are forgotten about, covered up by the guests and then they become some of the toughest stains to remove.

In these instances, the first thing to remember is you should never soak your mattress or apply water directly to them. Memory foam, for example, isn’t supposed to come into contact with water at all. Therefore, it’s very important to proceed with caution or better yet why not consider recruiting a professional cleaning service to ensure the job is done correctly.

Keeping Your Mattress Clean

If you’ve recently had your yacht mattresses cleaned by a professional cleaning company, there are several things you can do in order to preserve their good work:

  • The easiest way to protect your mattress is to invest in a high-quality mattress protector or topper – This will protect it from stains and absorb any moisture. Plus, it’s easy to remove and can be washed regularly.
  • While most people keep their bedding clean, they often overlook the importance of mattress hygiene – this can be especially true for charter guests accompanied by their furry friends. We always recommend keeping pets off the bed and away from any yacht upholstery. However, this can be tough for some charter guests but it’s an easy way to keep your mattresses cleaner for longer.
  • Keep the room at a reasonable temperature and try to avoid excessive heat and extra moisture – The recommended temperature is 16 – 18°C with 30% – 50% humidity as this environment promotes good sleep hygiene and keeps your room cool enough to prevent bacteria from growing.

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It is recommended that a yacht mattress should be cleaned every 6 months and while you may give it your best effort it’s unlikely you’ll achieve the same results as a professional cleaning company.

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