The latest technological advances in medical hygiene brought to the yachting industry to complement Inter-Nett’s already high standard in cleanliness. The interior spaces of yachts are ideal areas for an epidemic and the transmission of pathogens could turn a cruise into a catastrophe with potentially harmful results.

PureSpace offers:

  • An advanced disinfection to a high medical standard.
  • Non-allergenic, odourless and poses no risk to humans or the environment.
  • Effective as a Bactericide, Virucide, Fungicide and Sporicide.
  • Gives an even disinfection of all surfaces, including electronic devices, without corroding or oxidizing.
  • Absolutely dry mist with no humidity or residue.
  • Regular preventive application of spaces where there is a high-level risk of contamination.
  • Remedial function in case of acknowledged contagion.
  • Sanitises the air and anything else in the environment, not only flat surfaces but also carpets, sofas and beds.
  • A unique way to differentiate your yacht from the competition.
  • Improves the quality of your guests’ stay.

Please note this is NOT an Ozone Generator type treatment, which have been shown to be ineffective according to this quote from the US Environmental Protection Agency  ” If used at concentrations that do not exceed public health standards, ozone applied to indoor air does not effectively remove viruses, bacteria, mold, or other biological pollutants. ” Source: epa.gov

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