The aftermath of a fire can be devastating and the clean-up has it’s own set of complications. It’s not just the obvious visual damage that occurs during a fire but the often unseen damage and the lingering smells which can be present for months afterwards.

Following a fire on-board the following procedure should be aplied by professionals who understand fabrics and their reaction to water and chemicals. The cleaning of smoke contaminated areas is a lengthy process and is carried out using specialist odour neutralisers and a fogging unit.

After everything has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised a special neutraliser is used together with the fogging unit. Cabin by cabin, each area is treated and left sealed for 24 hours for the product to do it’s work. Each area is then fresh air ventilated and a final clean is then undertaken.

This treatment is carried out in each area or cabin where smoke ingress has taken place. Often doors have been left open to ventilate an area with the result that the odours have travelled the length of the vessel necessitating a complete treatment on-board.

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Inter-Nett have the experience, equipment, knowhow and sensitivty required to restore a fire damaged vessel and to minimise the effects of smoke, soot and water stains from the extinguishing process.
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